WaterAid, Arts2Educate and Laurie Newman (Bluejay Books)

Premieres: Wednesday 2nd March 2022 at 1.00pm (GMT)


WaterAid meets Jessie the Jellyfish

An exciting 2-hour session with WaterAid, Arts2Educate and Laurie Newman, author of the wonderful story Jessie the Jellyfish. 

There will be three parts to the workshop beginning with an introduction to WaterAid and why water is so important to look after. The children will then relax and listen to the gorgeous story 'Jessie the Jellyfish', which will be followed by a plastic ocean arts session led by Arts2Educate.

We recommend the children work in pairs to create these pieces of work to promote teamwork, and conversation between each other about how they can help to save our planet.

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