Useful resources for schools about climate change and other environmental issues

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Transform Our World

Free, practical, curriculum linked resources with educational activities, lesson plans and discussions of the UN SDGs. There is the option to filter resources by subject (Computing, Business Studies, Engineering, Music, Food Technology, Design Technology, Citizenship, PE, Art, Maths, PSHE, English, Geography and Science) and age group, offering resources from ages 4 up to 18.

Friends of the Earth

‘Climate justice, hope and action’ is a set of free KS3 teaching resources which supports a diverse curriculum, and aims to empower students and develop critical thinking. Offers lesson plans for Art, Drama, English, Geography, History, PSHE, Religious Studies, Science and Technology.

Oxfam’s Education Resources

Oxfam’s education resources offer a range of activities, lesson plans, quizzes and presentations on the climate crisis for ages 7-16 that link across the curriculum. Included in these resources are Oxfam’s Climate Challenge, which uses “engaging tools and activities to explore the causes and human impact of climate change, and consider what action can be taken in response.” Available for 7-11 years and 11-14 years.

Eco Adventurers (Twinkl)

Offers schemes for teaching sustainability to KS1 and KS2 education levels. Expertly designed with a simple structure, they aim to empower all educators to approach these topics with confidence. The schemes include complete lesson plans, presentations and more. These resources also stress the importance of teaching sustainability with optimism in order to successfully acknowledge eco-anxiety.

website for WWF classroom resources


Free curriculum linked resources, designed to help pupils explore environmental issues in an engaging and motivating way. Classroom resources, activities and presentations across a wide range of environmental topics and themes. For early years, primary schools and secondary schools.

Leeds DEC

Curriculum frameworks, learning outcomes and lessons to support teaching and learning about the climate crisis. Uses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal for Climate Action as a starting point to develop a set of Big Ideas. Covers KS1 to KS4. Offers resources for Modern Foreign Languages, Maths, RE & Citizenship and Science.

Eco Schools

For over 25 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag. For early years, primary schools and secondary schools.

Let’s Go Zero

National campaign bringing together UK schools who want to be zero carbon, are reducing their own climate impact, and demanding greater UK government support to achieve this goal.


Greenpeace provide a range of environmental education resources for primary and secondary schools.

One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership

Quality learning resources designed to help people, governments and businesses understand, adapt, and build resilience to climate change. These resources are more suitable for adults.

Teachers’ Network (Teach The Future)

“Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign to urgently repurpose the entire education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis.” Teach the Future have devised a Teachers’ Network where teachers can share climate education resources between each other.

Practical Action

STEM resources offered from ks1 to ks5 focused on themes of climate change, renewable energy, food security and disaster preparedness. Include engaging STEM challenges that are easy to navigate with a teacher’s guide, an activity sheet, a PowerPoint, a poster and certificates.


Free resources from the Think & Thrive curriculum for teachers and young people to make sense of global issues as they happen.

Hope Valley Climate Action – School Challenge

Free resources to run a climate action challenge in schools and community groups to encourage children to take action on climate changes .

Marine Conservation Society

Our assembly and workshop sessions have been designed to educate and inspire young people to care for our ocean.

Our team of experienced staff and volunteers will come to you and deliver fun, interactive sessions of your choice. We’d recommend choosing one assembly, which can be delivered to your whole year group or whole school, followed by a workshop for smaller groups or classes.

The sessions are free of charge and available to schools and groups in key areas of South West, South coast and North East England, Wales, and Scotland, and are suitable for ages 5-11.

Find out what’s on offer below and then use our booking form to get started.

:Padlet school-based teachers ESD resources

This is the DERC MOOC Padlet account to support teachers as global educators and provides links to many different organisations and resources.

Simon Says… Save The Climate (UNICEF)

UNICEF have created both a comic and a teaching handbook aimed at early ages: teaching them about climate change alongside Simon the Hippo. The teaching handbook offers a range of educational resources: lesson plans, flashcards of climate related vocabulary, music resources, activities and more.

Scottish Seabird Centre

Offer marine-themed science and wildlife watching guides tailored for primary years with fact-files, activities and more. They also offer additional resources such as: an animation series which highlights key facts about some of the most iconic seabirds, a marine-themed reading list that has options for all ages in both fiction and non-fiction, and a range of education workshops for both primary and secondary school students.

National Education Union

The NEU stress the importance of the role teachers have in raising awareness of the climate crisis and helping pupils acquire the skills and knowledge for a sustainable future. They have compiled secondary resources to help teachers achieve this objective.

Learning for a Sustainable Future

 Inquiry guides tailored to primary and secondary educators that aim to address the complexity and evolving nature of climate education. These guides are accompanied with subject alignment charts which consider the suitability of integrating these topics in STEM subjects, the arts and PE. Because this is a Canadian resource, we suggest teachers use this Canadian grades guide so they can align them successfully to the UK key stage system.

Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown’s wealth of videos, action guides, updates, and more are now handily organized in a customizable online resource page, Discover. Two pulldown menus let you filter by your needs and by sector. One of the needs that can be chosen is ‘find resources for students’ which feature a range of inspiring climate solution resources best-suited for secondary school students.

Climate action in language education

This publication provides ESOL teachers with a bank of thirty activities, based on ten climate change themes, with step-by-step guidance for each activity. They are an ideal starting point to address issues of sustainability in the classroom. The activities cover a range of levels and age groups, and each explores climate change through one of ten topics, from sports to storms and from farming to fashion.

Amnesty International UK

Offers climate change education resources for secondary education which reveal the relationship between climate change and human rights. The resources range from free online courses, pocket guides and poetry activities.

‘Nature’s Climate Heroes’

The Wildlife Trusts have created am educational pack to help primary school children understand the connections between people and the natural world and the changing climate. This resource aims to empower children and change the focus of climate change from a scary and overwhelming subject to something that can be tackled through collective action.

Woodland Trust

They provide a wealth of free KS1, KS2 and KS3 resources that aim to deliver engaging and memorable outdoor learning focused on environmental themes and topics. These resources include interactive activities and printable worksheets. The Woodland Trust encourages outdoor learning because ‘it improves team working, problem solving, communication and self-esteem’. They also provide free PowerPoint presentations and scripts for KS2 and KS3 assemblies.