The School Climate Challenge was organised by Ghazala Ahmad-Mear from Tideswell and Steve Platt from Hathersage part of the Hope Valley Climate Acton Group. It ran with over 300 9-12 year-old children at all ten primary schools and one secondary school in Hope Valley. It grew out of Ghazala’s trip to Antartctica and her involvement in the South Pole Energy Challenge.

As their website says:

“The Challenge got the children talking about climate change with their teachers and friends, and at home with their parents. They changed the way they travelled to school, they ate less meat and more plant based foods, they thought more about what they bought, they consumed less and they valued nature more. They wrote to their local MP demanding a change in government policy. Children became ambassadors, persuading and cajoling their families to take action on climate change.”

A Teachers’ Pack is freely available for non-commercial use by schools, and community climate action groups on their website or here. On the website is also a video of children talking about their experience of the climate challenge.

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