7:30pm Tuesday 28th February 2023

people on a protest march about nature and climate

Dr Rachael Alexander from SCESY is a Psychologist and member of the Climate Psychology Alliance. Her talk will focus on climate psychology, particularly how children feel when learning about the crisis as well as how adults can respond and support children with feelings and concerns they might raise. The session is aimed at those attending the SCESY conference 2023 but any teachers interested in supporting young people with feelings related to the climate crisis are very welcome to attend. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

The SCESY conference 2023 will provide an opportunity for children to learn more about the climate crisis, possible solutions, managing feelings, and how they can get involved. It is likely that many children attending the conference will already be experiencing some climate related feelings, and may experience a mix of feelings as they learn more.

While the aim of the conference is to support young people in having increased understanding as well as feeling empowered by their ability to make changes, we recognise that anxiety and distress are understandable and normal emotional reactions to any climate based education.

We are providing this talk for teachers and adults supporting children in attending this conference.  It will also explore supporting children on the day of the conference and following the conference.

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