A group of Y9 and 10 students from Wales High School participated in the EDT Go4SET sustainability project from March 2020 to March 2021. They realised that our school does not participate in recycling in any way. Through their research, the team has found that the design of our eco-garden would be the best place to kick start recycling in our school.

The garden will provide a nice space for students to enjoy, but it will also benefit the environment. The garden will also help reduce the students’ stress levels and help mental health in addition to reducing the plastic around school, as the school will not be buying as many crops from the suppliers that come in plastic bags and containers that may not be recyclable. Additionally, they decided to use recycled materials such as eco-bricks to construct the garden. They plan for the school to use the money saved from not buying as many crops to help with education and supporting the students.

Furthermore, they thoroughly researched the use of compost bins in the garden; using food waste to help compost nutrients to help the plants grow so we can have a thriving garden. The selected area was chosen because it was out of the way and quiet with plenty of space and light to allow the plants to flourish, with some shaded parts for the plants that require less sunlight. The design of the garden was designed to fit in the area that they picked out for it. Also, to allow space for the people to easily access the outdoor benches in a stress-free environment and keep the benches away from the composting bins, which are easily accessible for the chefs to deposit food waste.

The students presented their work to a panel of assessors and answered some tough questions about their project. Amazingly and well-deservedly, they were selected as the regional winners for this competition. They have been invited to take part in the national competition in September 2021.

Author: Millie Gelder, KS3 Progress Leader, Wales High School

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